My love of pattern and color informs all my work. I am very interested in finding ways to depict 3-dimensions in a two dimensional medium. Multiple shapes and images are layered to bring the viewer into the piece. My foremost concern is to provide pleasure to the viewer which I feel must be transmitted from my direct joy in the experience of making art.

During the pandemic, painting outside in the warm weather is bliss! And, if I can bring a smile that's even better. The abstract basis of the outdoor work was inspired by the 100th anniversary of the Bauhaus- the legendary Art and design school.  I have loved Kandinsky always and done abstracts always, but my interest was renewed when I started attending the Roaring Fork Drawing Club. We all get together and doodle away, sometimes outside, sometimes in a bar or restaurant. Sometimes the life of a maker is a bit isolated and the drawing club allows us to hang-out with a focus.



Christie Interlante is a Colorado native from Aspen, currently living in Carbondale, Colorado 

Her work is collected worldwide. 

She was a print designer for the textiles and wall coverings in NYC for 10 years, creating many best selling designs for the fashion, and home furnishing industries.

Glo Venus, the only sculpture made since art school, was aligned in the sacred Geometry in Black Rock City, (Burning Man) with the Temple and The Man in 2014.

College Of Marin, Kentfield, CA

The Sir John Cass Art College of London 

The City and Guilds of London Art School.


Click on each gallery to see the individual murals. Click on  Selection to see the wide variety of styles and disciplines over the years.The work often references pattern design and is often derivative of other well known art. 


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